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Culturachip is a spanish/portuguese speaking collective centered around retrocomputing arts such as 8bit/micromusic, circuit bending, visuals, pixel art, coding, databending…

The community is fed by the constant effort from artist, labels and enthusiast across different countries with the aim of sharing and providing any kind of related information, such as tutorials, releases, feedback, support…

The website is structured in different sections that turn the collaborative behavior into an easier task. Those are:

  • Twitter, this is a place aimed to stay up to date to all the news related to the community and the outer scene.
  • Wiki, A growing collaborative project, with the goal of providing quality and quantity information.
  • Mail list, Mail-list that is now registering low activity due to the forum.
  • Irc Web based chat that points to the official IRC channel #culturachip.
  • Forum Is the most active section and the natural place for sharing and discussing any related topics.
  • Radio Music player for the Soundcloud group where users share their latest tracks, it's therefore being constantly updated.
  • Meta Page that is automatically fed by the releases posted on the forum.
  • Compos, Shows that all the competitions (known as compos in slang) held on the community.


CulturaChip was conceived inside the womb of two major forum-based chiptune communities: 8bitcollective and Chipmusic.com. The idea was to create a hotbed for all spare growing collectives around Spanish speaking countries and let them grow together, creating a space for collaboration. The very first sections on the collective were the main front page, with a twitter account for instant news, a mail list, an Irc channel and a wiki.

After a first wave of enthusiasm and collaboration, the days passed and the collective entered in a low activity period in the first summer of existence, but after an long discussion about the meaning of the collective itself, a idea that was primarily discarded on this iteration was decided to be implemented: A community forum.

This also brought another wave of high activity. New ideas and sections were born such as the Soundcloud Radio and the Metanetlabel. The last to date section added was Compos.

As more and more ideas are still emerging from the forums the range of activity would eventually keep up growing by itself =)


MicroCompo 23/12/10

Nube de sonidos (compilation)

I Pseudo-pop

I Cumple CC

I Invisible CC

MicroCompo Master System

Sindicated collectives

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